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Providers of unique location-based alert technologies

PinPointAlerts.com provides a range of Alert Services that are delivered to localized areas. Our service is ideal for government agencies looking to instantly contact local areas with news of an emergency event, such as a flood or severe weather update. We provide an online management system to allow our clients to provide the alert content as well as pick the affected geographic areas using simple web mapping interfaces.

Our services are used by private and public sector organizations for many purposes:

  • Flood Alerts
  • Severe Weather Warnings
  • Road Closures & Incidents
  • Water Disruptions & Boil Water Notifications
  • Planning Application Alerts
  • Community Alerts / Crime Alerts
  • Utility Service Disruptions

Do you need an alert system embedded into your website

If you need an alert system embedded into your website then look no further than Pin Point Alerts to build it for you. We are vastly experienced when it comes to integrating alert technologies into existing web applications. We have been recognized by the United Nations as a positive example of how location-based alert technologies can be used for emergency situations and we want to apply our experiences to your business. Get in touch now and we will talk you through the process.


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