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We provide a range of Alert Services for a variety of clients. From Community Text Alert initiatives to Local Authorities, we are a leading service provider when it comes to delivering reliable, secure, cost-effective and easy-to-manage alert systems. The majority of our clients are based in Ireland while we also have a number of international clients who require modern communication services to keep in touch with their own contact lists. We provide services through a number of channels including SMS Text Messages, Email, Smartphone Apps, Landlines, Social Media and other web channels.

Portfolio & Case Studies:

  • MapAlerter.com : Local Authority Alert service that allows Councils to issues alerts to customers across a variety of channels to inform them of various service disruptions and important events. MapAlerter is used by a large number of Irish Councils to provide alerts for Floods, Severe Weather, Planning Applications, Water Disruptions (in conjunction with Irish Water), Road Closures & Diversions, Community Events, and more. Visit www.mapalerter.com for more. It is free to sign up and receive alerts from MapAlerter so you can register now for your area. MapAlerter is 100% focused on the "local" aspects so registered members only receive alerts for their areas. Every alert is therefore meaningful and relevant.
  • County Cork Alerts : A dedicated alert service by Cork County Council to the people of Cork. The Council are using their custom-designed Alert Service to provide Text Alerts and Email Alerts for Road Works, Road Closures and Severe Weather Warnings. The service is provided for free by Cork County Council, so members of the public can register now to receive alerts for their local area. The system is powered by MapAlerter technology.
  • Pin Point Community Text Alert : Our text alert service is used by many groups across Ireland as a crime prevention initiative. Text Alert is a recent phenomenon in Ireland where Gardai can issue text alerts to members of the public when crime is taking place. Community Alert Groups use our as a cost-effective method to issue bulk text messages, landline calls and emails to local subscribers when a crime event takes place. It has been an extremely successful service since we launched during 2013 with new community text alert groups subscribing each week. Get in touch if you need a text alert service for your community alert group. Our Text Alert service is recommended by Muintir na Tire.

If you need an alert system then look no further than Pin Point Alerts to provide it for you. Get in touch now and we will talk you through the process.

The working of the pin point website is very easy to operate and to update our contact lists, also to monitor our text alerts that have been sent. The customer service is friendly helpful and easily contactable.

Carlanstown Community Text Alert, Co. Meath, September 2014.

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