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Our area of expertise is to build and develop alert systems for our clients. Alert systems are delivered with a web front end where clients can send alerts using multiple channels such as SMS, Email, Landline, Social Media and others. Each client has very different needs and we use scalable technologies so that we can rapidly deploy bespoke systems at minimal time and cost.

At Pin Point Alerts our philosophy is designed to provide maximum performance for our clients with minimal investment. We have a number of base technologies that are available for cloning so that customization and development time is reduced dramatically.

The “Pin Point” in our company name refers to our ability to provide unique location-based alert systems. Our alert systems use geo-location as an exciting method to target your customers who may require location-specific content. Our goal is to eliminate the need for blanket alert systems where “everybody or nobody” is alerted, regardless of location. We provide efficient alerting processes so that you can identify alert recipients from a confined geographic area to ensure content is always relevant.

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