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Okay, FME can be used for practically anything... including the ability to predict football results! This presentation was given by Brendan Cunningham at the 2010 GIS Ireland conference, and he was awarded with the Best Speaker award. The methodology involves using FME in conjunction with lots of historical football results in order to determine the outcome of upcoming fixtures across Europe. The "research" (!) was sponsored by PaddyPower.com and led to Brendan beating the bookie for the first time in his life! 

The presentation focuses on how FME can be used for non-spatial data for complex ETL processes. There is little or no spatial data involved with this topic, but it demonstrates how FME can be used for almost anything to do with data transfer, statistical analysis and data management.

The sound is a little off as it was recorded with a basic camera, but hopefully you can get the main points. 

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