Pin Point Alerts

Pin Point Alerts was established during 2010 and has grown to become Ireland's leading service provider for Alerts and Notifications services. the technology stack is extremely innovative and has won numerous awards over the years, both in Ireland and internationally. The original product developed by the company is called MapAlerter and this is a service used by many local authorities to issue service alerts across a number of channels. MapAlerter went live during 2011 with a large number of Irish local authorities and has a 100% client retention rate ever since.

During 2012 the core technology that powers MapAlerter was tweaked and redeployed for Community Text Alert services. There are over 140 Text Alert groups across Ireland using the Pin Point service. Our Text Alert service receives wide praise from group managers because it is affordable, easy to use and is extremely reliable. It is fully integrated with over 40 Garda District headquarters across Ireland. Perhaps the best thing about our Community Text Alert offering is the high level of continuous innovation that is put into the development of the service. We work closely with all Gardai and all group managers to ensure that the Text Alert system exceeds current standards. During March 2015 we launched our dedicated Smartphone App for Community Text Alert to provides alerts to subscribers in an innovative manner that saves on running costs for each group.

The company has continued to provide services to a range of new clients.

We are very different to a bulk-texting company. Rather than relying on SMS Text Messaging we have moved with the times and all our services are delivered with multi-channel delivery options. In particular we are promoting the use of smartphone apps for Android and iOS where possible so that push notifications may be used instead of standard text messaging. 

Multi-Channel Alerts using Pin Point Alerts

The company also provides a range of custom services for clients who need a variety of alert services. For example, we provide notification services for Group Water Schemes and Sports Groups, amongst others. Our Text Alert service is used by the Kilkenny GAA Supporters Club and is responsible for their ongoing communications with all their members.

The company was founded by Brendan Cunningham who is the Managing Director of Pin Point Alerts Ltd. Brendan's background is Geographical Information Systems and he has 10 years experience working in the Irish Public Sector before setting up Pin Point Alerts. Brendan is an ETL expert and is Ireland longest-serving certified FME professional, as accredited by SAFE Software.