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The past month has seen a big interest in our MapAlerter.com service, particularly by people living in County Wexford. Wexford Local Authorities recently became an official Alerter on MapAlerter.com and are now sending instant SMS and Email service alerts as they occur throughout the county.

The service has been well adopted so far, and there has been excellent feedback by some of those who have registered. The bulk of the alerts issued so far have been for Water Service Disruptions and Scheduled Road Works. Although there has also been some great use for instant alerts such as a broken-down lorry that was blocking a bridge in Enniscorthy. The road was closed temporarily, meaning that MapAlerter provided a great way to tell affected people about the diversion via SMS/Email within a few minutes! Custom Alerts have also been used for events, particularly the Skyfest in Wexford Town on Saint Patrick’s weekend. There have been over 2000 alerts issued to local registered users within the first couple of weeks of the service going live. Importantly, there has been no floods or severe weather during this time so the number of alerts will increase later in the year when heavy rain and snow reaches Wexford via the “Severe Weather Alert” option that is available.

Wexford Local Authorities contains 5 separate entities that comprises Wexford County Council, Wexford Borough Council, and Town Councils for New Ross, Enniscorthy and Gorey. All Wexford authorities are now issuing alerts via MapAlerter.com so if you are from Wexford then you can sign up for this free service now.

One of the biggest success stories of Wexford’s participating on MapAlerter so far has been the feedback that the Council’s IT Dept. has provided to Pin Point Alerts Ltd. Based on Wexford’s feedback we have been able to improve the MapAlerter.com service as well as gain new insignts on how to attract local citizens to register on MapAlerter.com. If you are a registered user on MapAlerter.com and you wish to provide feedback then email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you represent a local authority in Ireland and you wish to become an Alerter on MapAlerter.com then please get in touch. We are offering a free trial of the service for all local authorities to help illustrate how the service operates. We will provide you with a login so you can access the “Alerter” part of our website which allows you to send alerts. From here you will be able to see how easy it is to use this service. We can also issue multiple logins for Town Councils to avail of the trial, if required.

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