Pin Point Alerts' staff are amongst the consultants to be certified as FME® Professionals. We provide FME professional services to the Irish market in an on-site and off-site capacity. Brendan Cunningham, Pin Point Alerts managing director, was originally certified as an FME Professional during 2010 and he remains a certified FME Professional ever since. Brendan's work with FME has won numerous awards, both in the innovation and IT award circuits.

Brendan provides FME professional services for the FME Server, FME Desktop (authoring) and FME Cloud product ranges. Contact Us now if you require professional FME assistance and we can arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements. Our experience with FME is centred around leading GIS applications such as ArcGIS as well as delivering complex ETL services for non-spatial data. 


Press Release, March 10th 2017: Unleash the full power of FME Services with Esri Ireland and Pinpoint Alerts Strategic Partnership

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